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We all have ideas that we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true--but many are false. James Bryan Smith believes those thoughts determine not only who we are, but how we live. In fact, Smith declares, the most important thing about a person is what they think about God. The path to spiritual transformation begins here.

James Bryan Smith also has a podcast!

The Things Above podcast is a podcast for "mind discipleship." It is for those who want to set their minds on "things above" (Col. 3:2).  Each week James Bryan Smith will offer a glorious thought—something good and beautiful and true, something excellent and praiseworthy—to fill your mind with heavenly truths.

Sabbath as Resistance

Keeping the Sabbath allows us to break this restless cycle and focus on what is truly important: God, other people, all life. Brueggemann offers a transformative vision of the wholeness God intends, giving world-weary Christians a glimpse of a more fulfilling and simpler life through Sabbath observance.

Sabbath Keeping

With collected insights from sabbath keepers of all ages and backgrounds, this book offers a practical and hopeful guidebook that encourages all of us to slow down and enjoy our relationship with the God of the universe.

Discernment, God’s Will & Living Jesus

This book underscores the fact that discernment is foremost a lifestyle we need to cultivate, and speaks to the mind and heart of every Christian who longs for a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus.

Hearing God

This book provides rich spiritual insight into how to hear God’s voice clearly and develop an intimate partnership with him in the work of his kingdom.  This classic endures as one of the best resources for learning to listen closely to God.

Soul Keeping

This readable and thoughtful book focuses on the care of the soul. It’s loaded with stories, wonderful quotes and probing questions to help the reader go deeper in their love relationship with Jesus.

When the Soul Listens

This practical and accessible book focuses on the practice of Contemplative or Abiding Prayer, which is central to Christian Spiritual Formation, and invites the reader into a different kind of life with God.

surrender to love

Surrender need not be seen as threatening, especially when the One to whom we surrender is the epitome of goodness and love. God calls us to move beyond mere obedience―by surrendering to love.