Does God Really Love ME?

Explore the answer to the most important of all questions

Explore the deep, deep love of Jesus!  Launch a 50-Day campaign in your local church, or utilize the the devotional and small group materials for individual or group use.  The devotional was written by and the small group videos feature author Larry Warner.  

The devotional and small group materials are designed to stand alone for group or individual use as well.


Individuals :

DGRLM features 50 days worth of devotions for you: seven weeks worth of opportunities to sit in the presence of God and listen for his speaking voice. We believe if you commit to this process of engaging with God daily that you will have the best opportunity to experience his love for yourself!

Our devotional isn’t the same as many of the more well-known devotionals you may have experienced, which often share a writer’s insights concerning what a particular Bible verse or passage means. That can be helpful, but it isn’t the goal of this devotional.

Our goal is to give you opportunity to spend time with God so you can hear his speaking voice and experience his love firsthand. We won’t be telling you what the sections of scripture you’re reading mean: we’ll let God do the talking. We’ll also provide daily exercises that will aid you as you seek to internalize this most important idea: “God loves you.”

Download Devotional | Weekly Videos

SMall Groups:

In addition to the devotional, DGRLM includes 7 small groups videos with discussion guides. The small group experience gives you the opportunity to ask your questions, hear other opinions, and to interact with the ideas being shared each week. Each small group is a safe place for you to be able to ask your questions, share your feelings, and share what God is doing in your life. Most small groups will include the following elements:

  • Warm Up: Handy questions to get discussion flowing and to help get the people in the group thinking about the topic for the week.
  • Video: Each week the group will watch a video together that introduces the key ideas for the week.
  • Discussion Questions: These questions drive deeper discussion after the group watches the weekly video together.
  • Group Activity: Many weeks feature activities the group does together during the small group meeting.
  • Prayer: These are suggestions to guide prayer time during your small group’s ministry time.
  • This Week: This section provides some guidance for the upcoming week concerning how to proceed with the topic discussed in each week’s small group meeting.
Download Devotional | Weekly Small Group Videos

All Church Participation:

Developed for use in the local church, DGRLM includes 8 sermon outlines, a 50-day devotional, 7 small groups videos with discussion guides and a graphics and promotion package.
Launch a 50-day campaign in your local church using all the available resources and help your congregation explore the deep, deep love of Jesus! The devotional and small group materials are designed to stand alone for group or individual use as well.

In addition to the workbook and accompanying handouts, includes sermon resources to accompany series.

Pastors Planning Guide
Devotional | Weekly Small Group Videos
Sermon Content
Graphics Package
Children's Ministry Content